How it works

We custom design memorial and bridal candles and electric candle lights with flowers from funerals, weddings or from any special occasion. Whether your flowers come from: memorial services, bridal bouquets, proms, Mother’s Day gifts, birthdays, anniversaries or any other memorable occasion, our candle lights are sure to become treasured heirlooms that you will enjoy for years to come.  We can also create pet memorial candles using pictures of your pet and flowers provided by us.

The flowers that you send us are carefully prepared and permanently arranged within the wax walls of the candle. The candle is designed with a replaceable fuel cell on the floor of the hollow center of the candle. The fuel cell can be lit, illuminating the entire wax shell, but the shell will never burn away.  The electric version of our candle lights is the same, but has a hole in the bottom of the wax shell and sits on an electrically wired and custom-made wooden base.

Each candle light is extremely versatile and can be used as a candle, a decorative accessory  or an electric light. Other uses include vases for fresh or silk flowers (they will hold water), containers for soaps and toiletries, potpourri holders, unique bridal gifts (candles made from bridesmaid’s bouquets make wonderful attendants gifts!), eye-catching centerpieces at reception tables, and creative gift baskets.


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Wedding and Special Occasion Flowers and Pearls in a keepsake candle gift.  Keep your memorial and funeral flowers forever in candles that wont burn away.  Turn beautiful flower arrangements into keepsakes that last forever.  Protect your photos in candles that never burn away.  Preserve your pets memory into beautiful candles that bring lasting joy to your life.